Lancope Industry Solutions

Purpose-built flow-based solutions scale to monitor
your ever-growing, increasingly complex network.
Uncover the root cause of performance issues and
security threats before they put your enterprise at risk.

Financial Services

  • Confidential data protection
  • PCI, GLBA Solutions
  • Service assurance delivery
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  • eGovernment privacy and protection
  • Cross-agency monitoring
  • Service assurance delivery
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  • PHI privacy and protection
  • HIPAA and state privacy law compliance
  • Service assurance delivery
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Higher Education

  • File sharing detection
  • HIPAA, PCI DSS compliance
  • User experience optimization
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  • Improve performance across massive, widely dispersed networks
  • Streamline and enhance troubleshooting and incident response
  • Protect intellectual property
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  • Protect intellectual property
  • Ensure safety and security
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
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  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Remote store monitoring
  • Actionable service-oriented insight
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Service Providers

  • Protect customers from malware and DDoS attacks
  • Deliver high performance levels
  • Scale to millions of flows per second
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  • Minimize costly and disruptive downtime
  • Deliver voice and data services
  • Secures virtual networks
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  • Minimize costly and disruptive downtime
  • Improve security to avoid disasters and increase safety
  • Comply with PCI DSS requirements
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  • SCADA infrastructure protection
  • NERC CIP, PCI and SOX compliance
  • Service assurance delivery
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Organizations worldwide continue to suffer network interruptions and security-related incidents, which cost, on average, $2 million and result in 22 hours of downtime. Arguably, insider threats and advanced cyber attacks are growing issues and will continue to be so. Compounding this business risk are internal misuse and unnecessary network exposures such as:

  • Misconfigured / unauthorized devices
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing
  • Worm and Trojan propagation
  • Inappropriate server access
  • Unsecured site-to-site communications that bypass secured hubs

Further escalating business risk is the fact that networks are constantly changing, creating even more opportunities for internal misuse and abuse. Common network scenarios can cloud a corporation’s network visibility, for instance:

  • MPLS rollouts
  • Mergers of once separate networks
  • Datacenter consolidations, server virtualization
  • Bandwidth upgrades to core networks

Lancope's market-leading StealthWatch System unifies security, network and application performance monitoring to provide enterprise-wide visibility into host and network behaviors across physical and virtual networks. Providing a single platform of network intelligence for security, network and datacenter administrators, StealthWatch adds a broader context around real-time security and network performance issues. Hundreds of customers attest to StealthWatch’s effectiveness in identifying compromised hosts and misconfigured devices, remediating network incidents and promoting network availability.

Learn how Concord Hospital uses StealthWatch to improve network visibility, save time with “effortless troubleshooting” and assist with remediation.